When the idea to create Cork Civic Life was raised with us by Michael in 2018, we immediately saw the uniqueness of it and how it would create a dedicated, supportive and promotional news site for the 3,000 voluntary, social, civic, charitable and not for profit organisations in every part of Cork city and county to tell their stories and boost their profiles. The fact that there was nothing similar operating for this sector in Cork gave it an even more unique and urgent requirement to get it up and running. We also loved the idea of creating The Pride of Cork Awards because we really identify with, and believe in acknowledging and applauding effort and success in every walk of life. That is why we were delighted and honoured to support Cork Civic Life and every one of the great organisations in Cork city and county by becoming its Lifetime Patrons.

With the success of its engagement process and the many counties around the country that enquired as to how their areas and organisations could benefit from its model, when Michael asked for our support in a scaling up of the idea to include a dedicated Civic Life platform for every one of the counties on the Island of Ireland, we immediately said yes again. The creation of Island of Ireland Civic Life will see every one of the thirty-two counties on our island having a platform similar to Cork Civic Life and branded for their county with their county colours.

We are really thrilled to support Island of Ireland Civic Life so that the 60,000 voluntary, social, civic, charitable and not for profit organisations that do such amazing work in their communities, for their counties and for our country can have this platform at their disposal to tell their stories, promote their work and efforts and sing the praises of the countless number of volunteers who give of their time every day of every week to make life better for so many.

The new annual event, The Pride of Our Island Awards will ensure that people and organisations from every county on the island of Ireland will be recognised with a civic award for their great efforts in giving back to their communities and to our world so that it becomes a better place to live in for everyone.

As a social enterprise business, Island of Ireland Civic Life will support a shared island model so that every person and every organisation can benefit from co-operation and engagement with each other.

Our belief and our experience is all about working together, sharing resources and ideas and ensuring that we support each other in whatever way we can in this life.

Linda & Dan Kiely
Lifetime Patrons